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Techgrow software is leading Software Development Company in India having a broad team of professional web developers, which assist clients all over the world with their capabilities and experience. Techgrow team the best team of India has a sound experience in developing software like: Online test, billing service, Security management software, Inventory management software, construction company software, School/College ERP software, Tender management software, ERP software, Recruitment software, paypall software etc. Our solutions will help you in organizing your business in well professional manner with the ease of use and in the effective cost. Here are the examples of some software’s that are developed by our team, the best team in India:

Software Development company in india

Software Development company in india

  Dealer Management System:

Dealer Management System enables dealer to do Presales, Sales, Spares, and Service operations. It also enables management decision making by providing the information required. It also integrates with ERP, CRM and Centralized Data Management Systems. In proposals we have: NPCC (New Prospect Customer Card),  Village Directory Data, Salesman Scheduler & Dairy,   Enquiry Closure,  Define Targets,  PWCC (Post Warranty Customer Card),  Campaign Details etc. Techgrow provides dealer management system services in India.

In sale system, we have: Purchase Order, Tractor Receiving, purchase Return,   Stock Transfer, Quotation, Fund Arrangement, Net-worth Register etc. Techgrow software provides DMS for tractors in India.

Services provides  us in Dealer Management System:

  • Job card& Invoice
  • Post Service Feedback
  • Warranty Claim Process
  • Process LR
  • Warranty Spares
  • Service Part Reference
  • Product Performance
  • Repeat Job Register
  • Service Appointment Register
  • Installation
  • Receipts/Payments & Debit Note/Credit Note

Marketing & Sales Planning Application for Automobile Manufacturer

This system provides market analysis, and dealership performance data lying at the dealership required by the Management to have better planning, execution, and control.

This software not only generates the MIS for the management, but also help the management to do the periodic marketing & sales planning. It helps zonal heads, state heads, area managers, territory managers and dealers to do planning at their level to achieve the targets. This system also eases the work of the periodic performance review at each level. It is an access role based web application.

Perceptions of Marketing & Sales Planning Application for Automobile Manufacturer:

  • Market analysis
  • Have better planning, execution, and control.
  • Service Part Reference
  • Product Performance
  • Repeat Job Register
  • MIS for the management
  • Target achievement for Zonal head, state head, area manager, territory manager etc.

Sales Planner (For planning, sales)

This software application is very effective to create, maintain and close a sales lead. This application is designed to ensure very minimum input from salesperson and at the same time capture key information related to the prospect. Sales planner application is very effective in the software development company in India.

This application helps sales team to define targets, create prospects, update and track the status of leads, total business in the pipeline, most convertible business and follow-up with prospects.

Services provides by Sales Planner:

  • Update business leads
  • Store total business in pipeline
  • Define targets
  • Create prospects
  • Service Appointment Register
  • Post Service Feedback
  • Service Part Reference

EPMS (Employee Performance Monitoring System)

Timesheet system is designed and developed to monitor and manage Employees associated with the organization. The system is basically designed to track day to day progress of employees in the organization with respect to the projects assigned to them. Here the administrator has the right to assign the projects to the employee. The administrator is completely authorized to change the projects assigned to the employees. Users are assigned with username and password by which user can start making his daily time entries in Timesheet. Also user can update his profile information, i.e. from their personal details to their work information. T is mandatory for employees to enter their daily entries, based upon which monthly salary is being calculated. Techgrow software is the best software development company in India that provides EPMS services.

This system will handle various types of users depending upon their respective needs and responsibilities.

EPMS services:

  • Daily status report of each employee
  • Monitor record of each employee
  • Service feedback
  • Appointment register
  • Job register

Recruitment software

Recruitment software is simply designed to match the client’s requirements according to their needs.

This is for the job seeker, who wants to save time in their growing carrier. This software involves initial synopsis, records, interviewing, target achieved, pending status report, clients in pipeline, service feedback, warranty process service, etc. A client can approach to the service manger through this, and CA submits their documents in a proper manner. Once it’s done, then, clients will get the regular updates according to their requirements.

Benefits of Recruitment software:

  • Utilization of time
  • Lower Manpower
  • Fast process
  • Saving of all records in short time interval
  • Most efficient recruitment processes

Construction company software:

As, the construction business is one of the extremely complex services provide by the contractor, as they have to maintain all the data, records, feedback, deadlines, profit, loss, material used any many other aspects.

With this software, each contractor can register his company and can provide specification of each product, material, time, availability and cost, inventory, equipment service etc.

There is a list of companies that provide construction service to the clients, if you want to check out the constructor database, you just need to simply login and proceed with your requirement.


  • Easily documentation available
  • Reduce the time
  • Reduce the streamline work and paperwork
  • Easily get the idea of maintenance, cost etc.
  • Service feedback
  • Get daily status report

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